The sun has finally arrived and has encouraged all the flowers to blossom at once! The trees are coming into leaf and that fresh spring green is looking beautiful along the canal. We are nicely into the 2018 season afloat and have seen some pretty amazing weather so far with the canal frozen in March… Read More

Today as I was driving home over the bridge at Pewsey Wharf I saw five of our lovely hirers with Moonfleet at the water point filling the tank. It can actually take half an hour to fill an empty tank, it is quite surprising how much water it can actually hold. Pewsey wharf is a… Read More

Good morning Moonfleet! Lovely to see you at Burbage wharf today on your return to Devizes. These happy boaters cruised with White Horse Boats two years ago and have come back this spring for another adventure up the Kennet & Avon Canal. Last week the canal was completely frozen, but now fully defrosted so cruising… Read More

“Built originally for moving goods, the canal connects countryside with lively towns. After shopping in Newbury you can spot the hill-carved white horses of the Pewsey Vale or visit a canal-side pub. Marvel at the elegant Dundas aqueduct or take in the splendours of Georgian Bath. Or just enjoy the leafy calm of the towpath;… Read More

With heavy snowfall forecast for the next few days and the temperature staying below freezing the ice on the canal is getting thicker and the White Horse Boats are dusted with snow. For safety we have cancelled availability for this week but hope the canal soon thaws! Hopefully we will get some amazing snowy canal… Read More

After the long dark winter months the snowdrops appear just as the boats are readied for our first customers.  The weekend was beautifully sunny and the skies were blue, a perfect start to the season at White Horse Boats. Daffodils and crocuses  have already been spotted along the canal and the warm sun will bring… Read More

The route east from Devizes winds through the peaceful vale of Pewsey.  The pretty waterway allows you to explore the valley, but sometime a good hike is the order of the day and from the canal you can explore many footpaths to the White Horses carved into the hills, or up to the top of… Read More

Not only are the boats painted green, but we have always tried to consider the environment which is why we use the Ecover cleaning products as these are less harmful to aquatic life than standard cleaning fluids. This winter we have replaced our old boarding planks with recycled plastic ones! These are stronger and waterproof,… Read More

Although still a magnificent feat of Victorian engineering, the Locks along any canal require constant maintenance and repairs. This Autumn has seen stoppages along the K&A and Brimslade Lock is currently being repaired. The Lock has been dammed and divers have come to unblock the channel that runs from the paddle into the lower lock.… Read More

Moonshine was originally a slang term for high-proofdistilled spirits usually produced illicitly, without government authorisation. Now considered an art form, and legal in the states since 2010. Moonshine was banned due to the dangers associated with home distilling and the toxins that it might contain from the contaminated machine and car parts used to create the… Read More