The crew continue their adventure across Scotland, exploring the history surrounding the canal as they cruise the two narrowboats blog the canal.

Anne Diamond, Jennie Bond, Pete Waterman and Bill Oddie continue their great canal journey, starting with a treat for barge-TV fans: the spectacular Falkirk wheel, which lifts the quartet in a slow semi-circle from one stretch of water to another high above. It also traps them together, whereupon they talk so much it sounds like a comedy scene where everyone competes to have the last word. 

Then they split up and relax a little, although Bond and Diamond don’t when they undergo an immersive Burke & Hare theatre performance in a tunnel. But Waterman is in his element at a disused canal/railway transfer station. He’s got an old photograph, and a willingness to dig for old metal. 

On the second part of the Scottish leg, Bill Oddie, Jennie Bond, Anne Diamond and Pete Waterman join the Glasgow and Edinburgh Union Canal, rising lock, stock and barge up the Falkirk wheel before heading east. Anne and Jennie encounter the ghost of William Burke – of Burke and Hare fame – as they travel through the Falkirk tunnel, which he helped build as an Irish navvy. Pete goes digging for industrial treasure at an old railway terminus and Bill gets to look down on the birds for once as the barges take to the air on the longest aqueduct in Scotland.

We are eagerly awaiting Episode 4 this week. If this series has given you inspiration to discover the waterways on holiday we’d be delighted to welcome you aboard a White Horse Boat. Full training given, the perfect start for novices enabling you to have a fantastic holiday afloat.