I can hardly bear to listen to the news at the moment as all I hear is deadlines, problems and views about Brexit. I am no politician and do not envy the seemly possible task with exit strategies and resolutions, all of which seem to create more difficulties and dilemmas.

We at White Horse Boats have the perfect solution if you need to get away from it all, an escape on a narrowboat along the beautiful English Canals will allow you a holiday where you can relax and unwind and take a break from the madness of the world. Let your worries fade as you cruise along the stunning vale through this special white horse county. Starting at Devizes you will cruise East towards Hungerford, and along the way you can moor up and explore the multitude of cafés and pubs. Stepping off the wharf onto your vessel you leave all the troubles behind. Although we can choose to be connected twenty-four-seven, being aboard is like stepping back in time. Time to unwind and relax with good food, a few drinks and books and board games for those evenings afloat with family and friends.

The boats are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for you so that when you arrive, load up with your provisions and belongings you are ready to take instruction and will soon be on your way exploring an different world. Although there is mobile signal, and TV/DVD player aboard and 240V charging sockets for your phones, laptops and tablets, this could be the perfect way to take a break from modern life and just enjoy being. Fishing, biking, canoeing, paining, reading, sunbathing, eating and walking. Dogs are welcome too and love the life aboard. Early mornings are so peaceful on the canal and a great time to spot he more elusive wild along the canal-side.

So if you are looking at holidays this year and are worried that your plans may be ruined by unforeseen complications due to Brexit, we would like to invite you to holiday afloat on the British Waterways. Get away from it all. Relax and unwind with an English Holiday with White Horse Boats.