This summer has been a bit of an adventure. The pump failures at Devizes led to the canal summit at crofton being very short on water and so had to be carefully managed with the locks under tight restrictions. This made cruising East difficult and so if you have been on holiday with us you may have decided to defend the Caen Hill Locks and head west towards Bath. Normally we do not allow Westward cruising as there are many companies below the locks who cover this stretch (e.g our sister company Oxfordshire Narrowboats who have a base at Bradford on Avon) and our holidays are taken along the pretty stretch to Hungerford past the White Horses.

We thank all our customers for their understanding with the navigational restrictions and have been delighted to meet and help many of you through the Caen Hill Locks. To many, these locks are definitely on the “to do” list and even just a visit allows you to marvel at the Victorian Engineering.

We are very pleased to confirm that the pumps at devizes are now fully operational again and there are no restrictions on the locks at the canal summit at Crofton. If you have concerns, or wish to see exactly what has been done then you may like to visit he Canal and Rivers Trust website for further information.