One of life’s pleasures is to stand at the tiller whilst enjoying a good beer. Situated just a few yards from Devizes Wharf is the Wadworth Brewery who have a fantastic visitor centre. Explore the history of this Brewery and learn about how it developed around the canal life using boats and horses to transport their beers across the country. See the horses and chat with the full time grooms who look after them and deliver the beer by cart to the pubs around devizes. Not only can you expand you local knowledge, but you can also sample the beers in the old-fashioned pub within the visitor centre. You can also purchase you favourites in the shop and we are delighted to see they have also introduced a range of wines, our favourite if which is of course is named “Chalk Horse”… a very pleasing Shiraz.

The Wadworth Brewery with their famous horses

Now we do not advocate drink-driving and indeed the alcohol tolerances that apply to driving cars also apply to any vehicle, including our narrowboats; but life on the canal is synonymous with the beer industry and relaxing with a pint or two at the end a long cruise is to many perfection.