Too cold for cruising!

Life on the canal gets difficult in the winter months. Obviously with tempertures fluctuating around zero there will inevitably be ice on the towpath and if we get a particularly cold snap the canal may freeze as well. Now why this appears beautiful and lovely to see on a brisk winter’s walk, it really makes cruising impossible! Our boats are not designed to be ice breakers and although ploughing throw ice is possible it uses much fuel and damages the paintwork! Also, there are water pipes in the boat from the water tank leading to the hot water system, the sinks, showers and toilets. If any of this freezes then your holiday will be jeopardised.


And thats not to mention the added fun if it snows! The towpaths are crucial for us to get to you if something happens that needs attention. If we can’t safely maintain the boats then it is unsafe to allow you to cruise.

This is why our boats hibernate in the winter. We remove the soft furnishings, disconnect the water pumps and drain the entire system. We use this time for assessment and maintenance, repairing and replacing things to keep our boats in ship-shape condition!

We know that a winter boat holiday may sound like a romantic adventure, but we think it unwise. We hope you agree too, and like us will wait for the warmer weather for a much more enjoyable holiday.

Our holiday boats start cruising from 14th February, but the day hire boat is bookable from the beginning of March.

Until then a poem about the frozen canal by Jo Bell

Frozen In

You wake, and know.
The boat is still as bones
and you, its red heart beating.

The canal was taken in its sleep
and paved with cold; the chilled air
gathers round your feet.

The ice, disgruntled, shifts itself
and chews a little on the hull,
sets itself to set again.

Beneath the glaze fish flicker
like grey flames,
silent, watchful.

Inside, you go on with the business
of making tea,
waiting for crocuses.