White Horse Boats is a small company with just 4 holiday hire boats and one dayboat, and our mission is to provide a friendly holiday service that meets all your standards whilst being the most competitive holiday on the Kennet and Avon Canal. We are cheaper than any like-for-like narrowboat holiday and will price match any offer.

Poppy and Phil

Above we have Poppy and Phil, in their new green White Horse Boats uniforms! Poppy is our fabulous boats manager and has been with us since we bought White Horse Boats in 2015. Friendly and knowledgeable, Poppy will welcome and train you as well and preparing your boats. She is also on call in case you have any issues whilst aboard. Phil joined the team in 2018 and we are delighted in welcoming him back this season, as he is friendly enjoys the boating life. Both Poppy and Phill are delighted to help you and discuss all aspects of your holiday and are competent to train you even if you have never even been aboard a narrowboat in your life.

Shelly on Moonlighting

Shelly manages the White Horse Boats Booking Office and is delighted to help you arrange your holiday. We hope you can find all the information about us on this website, but Shelly will happily call you if you need clarification, have any questions or wish to book over the phone. All confirmations and invoices are sent by email. Shelly started in April 2016 and manages all bookings as well as the website. If there are busy turnaround days, or if Poppy and Phil are away Shelly will be found at Devizes Wharf cleaning and preparing the boats.

Poppy, Phil and Shelly work together under the direction of the lovely owners David and Caron, newly-weds, who live by the canal. David has more than 25 year years boating experience through hotel boating, living aboard himself and owning Oxfordshire Narrowboats, our sister company with bases in Heyford (Oxfordshire) and Bradford on Avon (Wiltshire). With links all over the country and much local knowledge about narrowboating and the waterways, David has so much passion and enthusiasm for the Canals that he is delighted to share with you.

Our boats start and return to Devizes wharf and travel East towards Hungerford and Newbury. Holiday start on Mondays and Fridays and can be 3 or 4 or 7 nights or longer if you wish! Usually, just one or two boats return to be ‘turned around’ for their next holiday and Poppy and Phil prepare and show you out. Occasionally it happens that all 4 holiday boats are at the wharf. These are busy days and so Poppy and Phil are joined by Shelly and David to ensure your holiday starts perfectly!

If you would like to have a quick look at the boats, then please come to Devizes wharf Turnaround Days (Monday and Fridays) between 11am and 2pm. If you email us then we can let the team know to expect you. There is no office at Devizes Wharf, but we will be on the green boats, marred next to the Wharf Theatre.

Between us we hope we make your holiday perfect and would like to wish you a fabulous holiday afloat with White Horse Boats.

David, Caron, Shelly, Poppy and Phil