Spring will see the arrival of our third dayhire boat, Moongazing, which will soon join the fleet. Dayhire will be available every day from March 2022 on any of the 3 boats; Moondancing, Moongazing, and Moonlighting. Maybe we’ll be lucky and see the March hares too!

This stunning Moon Gazing Hare is by local artist Joanna May in Devizes. You can see her work on her website and visit her gallery whilst in town!

The symbol of the moon-gazing hare is almost universal and dates back to ancient times. It symbolizes fertility. Pagans believed moon-gazing hares would bring growth, re-birth, abundance, new beginnings and fortune. To others, the hare symbolized purity, and a single hare was often used to signify the Virgin Mary’s purity. This image of the hare, of course, is in sharp contrast to that of the fertile common rabbit. 
In ancient Egyptian belief, hares were intrinsically linked to the moon’s cyclical movement – being at once masculine when waxing and feminine when waning. Hares would thus be depicted as alchemists making the elixir of immortality or as messengers of the female moon deity. 
(words from Celtic Lady’s Blog http://celticanamcara.blogspot.com/2011/05/may-full-moon.html)