As the long term weather forecast predicts warm weather early this year we are starting our boating season on Valentine’s day with short breaks until mid March. From 13th March week holidays as well as the short breaks are available. Now the boats are looking splendid, and you can see them all resting at Devizes Wharf, and we can’t wait to get them boating again this year.

Bruce Tunnel

Early in the season the canal is a peaceful place with very little boating traffic. As the summer progresses and the children are all enjoying being off school the canal is much more lively. If you are looking for a little escape from your normal life and just want to be somewhere completely different together, then a short break aboard a narrowboat might be your perfect solution.

Life aboard offered a completely different world, and even if you live close to a canal, actually being on the water gives you a completely different vantage point. Life slows down to a relaxed pace and allows you time to be together.

So without having to leave the country, you can find the peace you are seeking with a short break on a narrowboat. Perhaps this is what Harry and Megan needed! We have our honeymoon boat Moonraker, ideal for couples. Moonstruck, Moonshine and Moonfleet are all a little bigger so you can enjoy more space aboard, perfect for 2 couples, or families.