The canal is a closed system, basically a long man-made pond. It has its own ecosystem which we must all help to protect. We maintain our boats to a high standard, keeping them in good working order and clean so that they look great, but also to minimise the impact on the canal’s flora and fauna.

We only use eco-friendly products e.g.Ecover to clean the boats, as these are not harmful to aquatic life. You will find similar products (washing-up liquid, multi-surface spray and toilet cleaner) onboard.

But being a closed system, there is a delicate balance and non-native invasive species that threaten to upset the natural balance. The Wiltshire Wildlife Trust has been working in conjunction with the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Canal and River Trust to make us aware how to minimise our impact. Below is a poster with information specifically for canal boat users. We maintain and clean the boats, and remove any weeds that have caught in the propeller, but please do ensure that any canoes and water equipment you bring is clean and dry and safe! Thank you.

You can click the link to find out more about Non-Native Species and the RAPID (Reducing and preventing invasive alien species dispersal) work being done.