Don’t moor under trees during storms!

With the storms still raging across the UK the Canal & River trust emailed some sensible advice and precautions to help keep safe on the canals. We don’t hire our holiday boats durning the winter season, but windy weather can occur anytime. This letter outlines a few things that everyone should be aware of, not just boaters. I have seen many trees blown down causing trouble, and indeed, my home lost power for thirteen hours on Sunday night. Here in the South of England we have not had such severe weather, but it is always good to be prepared and remember to check and help your neighbours.

Dear Boaters,

As you’ll be aware, over the last 48 hours, Storm Ciara has brought widespread disruption, and damage, to many parts of the country. Given their age, the waterways stood up well but, more importantly, we haven’t had any reports of injuries to boaters or colleagues.

As you might expect there has been some impact though, especially in the north. This ranges from widespread flooding and many trees being blown over through to sections of lock wall being washed away on the Calder & Hebble and a roof being blown on to a lock of the Tame Valley Canal in the West Midlands.
It may not be the last storm of the winter so as a reminder:

  • When mooring prior to stormy weather be mindful of your proximity to nearby trees which may get blown onto the navigation
  • Make sure that everything on deck, or your roof, is secured or stowed away
  • Keep an eye out for neighbouring boaters as some may be more affected by stormy weather than others
  • Once the storm has passed, be on the lookout for debris in the navigation which may have been blown in

We’re continuing with inspections of our entire 2,000 mile network and, as always, will update the stoppage notice section as we come across any issues that affect the navigation or towpath. If you haven’t already, you can sign up to receive stoppage alerts by email via the MyTrust section of our website. A more detailed report will feature in this Friday’s edition of Boaters’ Update.
Best wishes,
Damian, Boating communications manager, Canal & River Trust