The weather is perfect for boating and country walks. Although the towpaths have been closed for recreational use, the bridges across the canal allow us to see the canal in these peaceful times.

This lovely picture was snapped by a Ali Kent on her lockdown exercise walk at All Cannings Bridge, and I thought it so beautiful and am delighted to share it here. The sky is so blue and the greenery lush. How I’d love to be boating now. Cruising through the magnificence and watching the wildlife.

We are hoping that the boats can holiday soon. If things continue to improve and it is deemed safe, holidays will begin again in July. The dayboat MOONLIGHTING will hopefully be out much sooner as with no overnight stays, this is just a day trip in a hired vehicle. We have everything crossed!

Until then, I shall continue with my walking and look forward to welcoming you aboard very soon.

Watch this space! Please do check our page for the latest COVID-19 update.