Sunrise over our Alton Barnes White Horse. These stunning photos taken by Stonehenge Dronescapes capture the magic of sunrise over the Vale of Pewsey through which the Kennet and Avon Canal meanders. Whilst driving to school on Monday morning we saw the sunrise over and only wished we could stop and photograph it. To my delight, Stonehenge Dronescapes manage to do this for us all, so here we have some beautiful photography showing off the  magnificence of sunrise in winter. January can be such a depressingly grey month, so seeing the vale in its glory is wonderful, and hopefully the year ahead will be full of many more sunny  days. Imagine to waking to views like these from the peace and comfort of your own holiday narrowboat. We are booking for 2019 so if you fancy a holiday break or a dayhire, we would be delighted to welcome you abard!

For more fantastic photos taken from the skies above Wiltshire have a look at the FaceBook page of Stonehenge Dronescapes. Thank you for sending us this magnificent photo of the Alton Barnes White Horse that we have painted as the company logo on all our Narrowboats!