With the storms still raging across the UK the Canal & River trust emailed some sensible advice and precautions to help keep safe on the canals. We don’t hire our holiday boats durning the winter season, but windy weather can occur anytime. This letter outlines a few things that everyone should be aware of, not… Read More

At last the days seems to be getting longer and the sun is warming the land encouraging the flowers to bloom. Along the canal the Snowdrops and Crocuses are peeking out for all to see. All the winter maintenance has been completed and we are looking forward to welcoming our first holidaymakers in less than… Read More

Life on the canal gets difficult in the winter months. Obviously with tempertures fluctuating around zero there will inevitably be ice on the towpath and if we get a particularly cold snap the canal may freeze as well. Now why this appears beautiful and lovely to see on a brisk winter’s walk, it really makes… Read More