AN UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY! Rather than boat her back to Devizes this week, we have decided to make Moonraker available for hire from her current mooring at Burbage Wharf, where she has been since lockdown. Don’t tell the other boats, but she is my personal favourite: an ideal love-nest for a couple, but with a couple… Read More

Maybe we have washed our handsand drunk deep and swamand think we know her,but water’s reputation goes before her like a flood:she does not suffer fools or gadflies.Therefore I have prepared some questions.Where do you get your ideas & your tide from? Don’t say the moon – that’s really pretentious.But as I clamber down the coastI… Read More

Today it has been confirmed that we can resume boating from 4th July! We are very excited to welcome you aboard for a holiday break afloat. We have availability from the 10th July. Get out of the house and enjoy a holiday afloat cruising through the Wiltshire countryside.… Read More

The historic Wilton Windmill can be seen from the canal as you near Great Bedwyn. It is always a magnificent sign and as it is situated high on the hill to catch the wind, it can be seen from miles away. Last week it was lit in blue light as a tribute to all those… Read More

The crew continue their adventure across Scotland, exploring the history surrounding the canal as they cruise the two narrowboats blog the canal. Anne Diamond, Jennie Bond, Pete Waterman and Bill Oddie continue their great canal journey, starting with a treat for barge-TV fans: the spectacular Falkirk wheel, which lifts the quartet in a slow semi-circle… Read More

Snowdrops are one of the first signs that spring will soon be here. These perfect delicate white flowers are the first to be seen at the end of winter and are always a delight to find along any walk. Today Petra and I walked towards Wilcot from Pewsey in the sun and spotted quite a… Read More

As the long term weather forecast predicts warm weather early this year we are starting our boating season on Valentine’s day with short breaks until mid March. From 13th March week holidays as well as the short breaks are available. Now the boats are looking splendid, and you can see them all resting at Devizes… Read More

We are delighted to show off our new paintwork and varnished carpentry. The whole holiday fleet has been repainted and all the woodwork repaired or replaced. The White Horse Boats are once again in perfect condition ready for the boating season starting next month!… Read More