Swans are so majestic. They mate for life and are protected by the Queen. Thank you Stacy Hawkins for letting us share your beautiful photo, I really love this of Crofton Beam Engines from the water. Crofton lies at the summit of our little stretch of the Kennet and Avon canal. It houses the Victorian… Read More

These swans know they have a captive audience, but I am always delighted to see them. If they ever spot an open side hatch or someone with a bite to eat then they will come to see if they can join your feast! The swans are very sociable and will come close… but may snap… Read More

Life on the canal gets difficult in the winter months. Obviously with tempertures fluctuating around zero there will inevitably be ice on the towpath and if we get a particularly cold snap the canal may freeze as well. Now why this appears beautiful and lovely to see on a brisk winter’s walk, it really makes… Read More