At last the sun is out and the snow has nearly all gone. I have seen crocus, daffodils and snowdrops heralding the arrival of spring which means that’s its nearly time for our boats to be re-commissioned from their winter break and get back to holidaying along the canal! Over the winter life on the… Read More

Sunrise over our Alton Barnes White Horse. These stunning photos taken by Stonehenge Dronescapes capture the magic of sunrise over the Vale of Pewsey through which the Kennet and Avon Canal meanders. Whilst driving to school on Monday morning we saw the sunrise over and only wished we could stop and photograph it. To my… Read More

We are delighted that whilst our boats are hibernating this winter, Devizes Wharf is under going a little beauty treatment and renovations around the Wharf Centre are in progress. Here is Moonshine in the sunshine next to the newly finished landing area next to the Wharf Theatre. Smart and smooth, allowing easy access to the… Read More

Perhaps he’d like a little holiday on a narrowboat? Every year he is seen bringing presents and joy everywhere, even  on the canal. Here is a very jolly photo of Mr and Mrs Claus aboard a narrowboat. But actually,  if we look to the Dutch traditions, Santa Claus (or Sinterklass) begins his journey in November… Read More

We have reached the end of the glorious 2018 boating season here on the Kennet & Avon Canal, and all our boats have returned home to Devizes and are being readied for the new year.  A through deep clean and maintenance schedule is already underway, so that the first holidays in early Spring 2019 will… Read More

 All along the Vale of Pewsey celebrations of remembrance and gratitude took place. Many of the small villages along the canal respected those who went to war for our liberties today with church services, parties and gatherings. During WW2 there were concerns that the enemy could sneak along the canal and quietly invade from the… Read More

Not only is the end of October  Hallowe’en, but this day also makes the last trip out for our dayboat moonlighting this season. She has just been booked for a family trip to explore the canal with young children and the dog too! A great family adventure to explore the canal and look at all… Read More

Cruising back to base at Devizes Wharf, here is Moonshine, one of three 57′ narrowboats. Beautifully reflected in the still calm canal water, just cruising between the last two bridges before mooring up at the end of a perfect weekend. The weather has been glorious through most of this month, October, and indeed all summer.… Read More

We are delighted to be part of this beautiful landscape and give tourists and holidaymakers the opportunity to experience some of the Great West Way from the comfort of a narrowboat on the Kennet & Avon Canal. This is the ideal base to visit much of the stunning scenery between Bristol and London, we are… Read More

This time of year sees the cygnets with their parents learning about life on the canal. These are our local brood and are actually friendly. Always pleased to see us and probably because they are hoping for scraps through he hatch! (shrimps a favourite, not bread of course). They have been having flying lessons… the… Read More