Meet the Team!

White Horse Boats has a fleet of just 5 narrowboats. It is owned by David and Caron, and with them I run the office in Burbage and Poppy manages the boats and turnaround staff in Devizes. All the boats are located at Devizes Wharf which is at the heart of The Great West Way. We… Read More

Our fleet are currently taking it in turns to have a re-paint in the new paint-shed at Bradford Wharf. They are still looking good, but after 3 years we thought they deserved a fresh coat so the remain looking great. Canal boat painting is something of an art form and you will recognise the iconic… Read More

How time flies! It’s been 3 years since our boats were painted in their smart green and russet livery. We have had so many comments from people admiring our boats on how smart and tidy they look. However, to keep them looking at their best the little scratches and scrapes need to be tended and… Read More

Just occasionally I am able to take my own family out for a day on the water. Last week we were alone half term and my sister can her brood came to visit Wiltshire for a few days. Luckily, I was able to help with turnaround early, so that we had time for a little… Read More

Not far from Devizes Wharf lay the ancient stones at Avebury. You may plan to discover them on the way to or home from your boating holiday. They are free to visit and you can park in the National Trust carpark (which is free to NT and English Heritage members). Below is some information from… Read More

This is my new map of Wiltshire’s white horses (and of course Uffington, which is in Oxfordshire but I could hardly leave it out now, could I?). It’s available from my Etsy shop in various sizes; here’s the link to the big version (it comes in A3, A4 and postcard) I’ve taken some liberties with perspective, distance and… Read More

This beautiful land of rolling hills, peaceful wooded river valleys and scenic villages really captures the essence of rural England. Much of the county is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is particularly suited to getting about on foot. Wiltshire is famous for white horses cut into the turf is the chalk… Read More

We love a day out on Moonlighting. Arrive in the morning at 9:30am and get trained then you’re ready to set off for the day. Aboard you will find everything you need for cooking up a good breakfast to entertaining on deck. Comfy seats and chairs that can be moved to where you need them.… Read More

A canal laureate poem by Nancy Campbell Safety Briefing This slow current won’t capsize a kayak, but watch for the surge when the lock gates open:you can brace against barge-wash with the back of your blade,trim your boat in response to the flow, take the turnson an edge. Keep the whole of your torsoover the… Read More