Your holiday boat has a comprehensive onboard inventory, with the exception of your personal towels and bedding. We want to ensure you have every comfort and we go to great lengths to ensure your boat is spotlessly clean and fully equipped. Where possible we use environmentally friendly consumables.

When you arrive onboard, please take a few moments to check the list below to ensure that everything you need is on board. If anything is missing please let us know, as we cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions once you have set off.

BERTHS: Per bed, mattress protector

BATHROOMS: 1 Hand Soap, 3 Toilet Rolls, Toilet Cleaner & Brush in each bathroom

WARDROBES: 3 Coat Hangers pp (these may be shared in several wardrobes)

CLEANING: Galley worktop – T-Towels, Dishcloth and Scourer, Washing Liquid, Surface Cleaner. Lower Airing Cupboard: Bucket, Floor Cloth, Dustpan and Brush, Broom


1 of each of the following per person:- Bowl, Side Plate, Main Plate, Mug, Tumbler, Wine Glass, Teaspoon, Dessert Spoon, Soup Spoon, Side Knife, Main Knife, Side Fork, Main Fork. Plus one full spare set of the above.

Galley Cupboards/ Drawers: Sugar Bowl, Cruet, Milk Jug, Large Water Jug, Teapot, Cafetiere. 4 Saucepans, Colander, Measuring Jug, Frying Pan, Ice Cube Tray, Mixing Bowl, 2 Casserole Dishes, Fruit Bowl, Toast Rack, Potato Masher & Peeler, Breadknife, 2 Kitchen Knives, Serving Spoon, Slotted Serving, Spoon, Wooden Spoon, 4 Table Spoons, Whisk, Fish Slice, Scissors, Carving Knife & Fork, Tongs, Ladle, Tea Strainer, Tin Opener, Corkscrew/Bottle Opener, Grater.

In/ On the cooker: 2 Roasting Trays, 2 Racks, Grill Tray and Rack, Kettle.

On the fridge top (under the worktop)2 Chopping Boards, Tray.

Also: Washing Up Bowl, Bin, TV Aerial, First Aid Kit, Heat-proof Mat & Trivet.